Social Club Events

Kentucky Colonel Club
Tue Aug 22 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM

Yacht Club
Tue Aug 22 @ 7:30PM - 08:30PM

Noble Truckers
Wed Aug 23 @ 8:00AM -

Antique Cars
Thu Aug 24 @ 7:00PM -

Noble Truckers
Wed Aug 30 @ 8:00AM -

Noble Truckers
Wed Sep 06 @ 8:00AM -

Bahia Cabiri
Thu Sep 07 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM

Camel Herders
Mon Sep 11 @ 7:00PM -

Noble Truckers
Wed Sep 13 @ 8:00AM -

Cigar Club
Wed Sep 13 @ 7:30PM -

Antique Cars
Meet: 4th Thursday
Pres: Dr. Ken Vehec
Sec: Herb Heid

Bahia 55 Club
Pres: Ian Ielfield

Bingo Bunch
Meet: Shrine when called
Pres: Billy Kennedy
Sec: Claude Williams

Camel Herders
Meet: 2nd Monday
Pres: Randy Morgan
Sec: Bill Sears

Cigar Club
Meet: 2nd Wednesday
Pres: Jon Thomas Gumina
Sec: Mike Segee

Clowns of LC
Meet: 2nd Wednesday
Pres: Ed Walsh
Sec: Herman Strauss

Fire Brigade of LC
Meet: 2nd Wednesday
Pres: Clifford Frazier
Sec: Richard Frazier

Golf League of LC
Meet: Every Wednesday
Pres: Fred R. Weils
Sec: Herman Straus

Golf League of the Villages
Pres: Ill. Sir Bill Dennis

Hillbilly Clan #49
Meet: 2nd Sunday, 4pm
Pres: Mike Desjardin


Noble Truckers
Meet: 2nd Tuesday
Pres: Danny Gainin
Sec: Frank Schroeder

Police of LC
Meet: 2nd Wednesday
Pres: Gordon Yahr
Sec: L.P. Brown

RV Club
Meet: 3rd Saturday
Pres: John Follmar
Sec: Roy Campbell

Yacht Club
Meet: 3rd Tuesday
Commodore: John Thomas Gumina
Sec: Alan Fennell

Yellow Jackets Scooter
Meet: 4th Thursday
Pres: Mervyn J Harris
Sec: Robert Stines

Kentucky Colonels
Meet: 4th Tuesday
Pres: Steve Weaver
Sec: Jim Allen

Mariners of LC
Meet: 4th Wednesday
Commodore: Jim Ferrantelli
Sec: Herman Strauss

Mini Mule Hitch, NSBSC
Meet: 2nd Wednesday
Pres: Herbert "Bud" Bacheller
Sec: Jim Payton

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday 

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Normal hours will resume after Labor Day.

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