Uniformed Units Events

Concert Band
Wed Oct 17 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM

Roaring 20's
Wed Oct 17 @ 7:30PM - 08:30PM

Drum & Bugle Corps
Wed Oct 17 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM

Horse Patrol
Thu Oct 18 @ 7:30PM - 08:30PM

Motorcycle Unit
Thu Oct 18 @ 7:30PM - 08:30PM

Legion of Honor
Fri Oct 19 @ 7:30PM - 08:30PM

Sat Oct 20 @ 1:00PM - 02:00PM

Provost Guard
Mon Oct 22 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM

Golf Unit Monthy Game
Tue Oct 23 @12:00AM

Iron Horses
Tue Oct 23 @ 7:30PM -

Amateur Radio 
Meet: 2nd Thursday 7:30pm
Pres: Dennis Ardinger
Sec: Jack Leavitt

Concert Band
Meet: Wednesdays, 7pm
Director: Bennett Harmon
Sec: Albert "Rich" Wirth, Sr.

Crash Team
Meet: 3rd Wednesdays, 7pm
Pres: Shawn White
Sec: Anthony Edwards

Directors Staff
Meet: 1st Monday, 7:30pm
Pres: Robert Kouba
Sec: John Roberts

Drum & Bugle Corp
Meet: 3rd Wednesday 8pm
Pres: Bill Slover
Sec: Tom Loshe

Flying Fezzes
Meet: 2nd Thursday, 7:30pm
Commander: Jim Thomas
Sec: Rocco Williams

Fun & Frolic Clowns
Meeet: 2nd Wednesday
Boss Clown: J.R. Ross
VP Boss Clown: Gerry LeDuc

Golf Unit
Meet: 1st Monday 7:30pm
Pres: Ed Smallwood
Sec: Bill Ellis

Horse Patrol
Meet: 3rd Thursday 7:30pm
Pres: Robert Sherbine
Sec: Jim Belcher

Iron Horses
Meet: 4th Tuesday 7pm
Pres: Ian Ielfield
Sec: Ric Roberts

Jazz Band
Meet: 3rd Friday 7pm
Ormazd Grotto [map]
Pres: Curtis Johnson
Sec: Ill. Sir Jim Gillespie

Keystone Kops 
Meet: 1st Monday 7:30pm
Pres: Greg Rushing
Sec: Claude Williams


Legion of Honor
Meet: 3rd Friday 7:30pm
Commander: Billy Kennedy
Adjutant: Robert Miller

Motorcycle Unit
Meet: 3rd Thursday 7:00pm
Pres: Joe Rudd
Sec: Bruce Carter

Oriental Band
Meet: 1st Tuesday 7:15pm
Pres: Millard Smith
Sec: Robert Stihler

Past Masters
Meet: 2nd Friday 7:30pm
Pres: Bill Erd
Sec: Albert "Rich" Wirth, Sr.

Provost Guard
Meet: 4th Monday 7pm
Captain: David Neil
Sec: Jim Allen

Racing Saints
Meet: 2nd Monday 7:30pm
Pres: David Neal
Sec: L.P. Brown

Meet: 3rd Saturday 1pm
Pres: Val Sellati
Sec: Chuck Harper

Roarin' 20's
Meet: 3rd Wednesday 7:30pm
Pres: Ill. Sir Art Hook
Sec: Gunther Ludewig

Tin Lizzies
Meet: 2nd Wednesday 7:30pm
Pres: Kevin Fender
Sec: Warren Lively

Ritual Unit
Meet: 1st Friday 7:30pm
Pres: Jason Panetta
Sec:  Tim Ellis

Association of Units

Motor Corps
Meet: 2nd Tuesday 7:30pm

Captain: Paul Pierce

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