The RoamingRed Fez is spur of the moment gathering of Nobles, Ladies and friends. The idea is to keep us united and having fun while we search for a new home. EVERYONE is invited to the RoamingRed Fez events. These are not Bahia sponsored events. It's simply a group that is getting together for fellowship.

What is the Roaming Red Fez? It's quite simply a chance for Nobles, their families and friends to come together for food, fun and fellowship. We visit locations that are suggested to us that are family friendly. These locations are all over Central Florida so that everyone has a chance to have one "in thier back yard".

As mentioned many times, these events are open to EVERYONE! We are trying to move around to give everyone a chance to hang out and enjoy some fun and fellowship. We do realize that some places we visit are too far for some to go, but remember, what's to far for you is "really close" to others.

If you are a Brother that owns/operates or works at a place that you would like us to visit, let us know. We will do our best to spread the love and get it scheduled. We look forward to seeing you out and about!

Roaming Red Fez Events

Bar Bingo
Fri May 04 @ 7:30PM -

Jazz Band (Red Fez)
Fri May 18 @ 7:30PM - 10:30PM

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